Want to avoid the tourist traps and live like locals? Here is a list of addresses where we go when we are on vacation or weekend at Villa Bleu Breton:

Where to Eat or Buy Local Products?


La Ribote – Nicely decorated, this restaurant features Breton specialties and places an emphasis on local products. Don’t miss the amazing sunsets over the Brittany moor. Reservations recommended. Route du Cap, 22240 Fréhel,


Le mini golf – Enjoy slow food with your feet in the sand: galettes, crêpes, beef or salmon burgers are excellent quality and made with local products. The local surfers hang out here for food, drinks and occasional live music. You can relax and have a drink while the kids play mini-golf.  Route du Cap Fréhel, 22240 Fréhel,


Le Petit Bouchot – The best fish n’ chips in Fréhel, but also excellent mussels or delicious beef cuts for the less adventurous. Reservation necessary (the locals take all the spots!). 14 Rue de la Pointe aux Chèvres, 22240 Fréhel,


Le Petit Galet- Cozy vintage decoration located next to Fort La Latte with views over the fields towards the sea. Made with local products, the galettes and crêpes are absolutely delicious! They also serve mussels from the local bay… yum !! Reservation recommended. Pointe de la Latte, 22240 Plévenon,


Les Merveilleuses – Crêpes and galettes right in the heart of Sables d’Or with a terrace and long hours. Excellent for teatime after a day at the beach, for example. 7 Allée des Acacias, 22240 Fréhel,


Chez Josy – Quite a surprising interior covered in Scottish cloth. Yummy hamburgers and a very impressive choice of mixed rum drinks. Good for lunch or an evening drink. Allée des Acacias, 22240 Fréhel, 02 96 41 30 64


Les Embruns – Pizzeria in Sables d’Or. 3 Allée des Arcades, 22240 Fréhel,


La Mama – Pizzeria in Sables d’Ort that uses products imported from Italy. Possible to order take out.Ginormous icecreams ! ‪15, Allée des Acacias, 22240 Sables-d’Or-les-Pins, 02 96 41 57 61


L’éclipse K’fé – Both a bar and a restaurant, the Eclipse is where we take our teenagers for fish n’ chips and hamburgers. ‪32 Allee Des Acacias, Sables D’Or Les Pins, 22240 Frehel, 02 56 38 17 89


Le Truc Bidule – This restaurant, located in Saint Cast, is worth the 20 extra minute car-ride. The food and the decor are creative and innovative. The menu changes frequently depending upon the seasonal products and the chef’s inspiration. Lovely wine list as well. 10 Boulevard Duponchel, 22380 Saint-Cast-le-Guildo, 02 96 41 83 05

Eat Local:

Michel Le Moine – Pork chops, sausages, paté, blood sausage…. EVERYTHING is delicious and homemade!! Michel Le Moine’s boutique is a regular stop for us as soon as we get into town to fill up on fillings for picnic sandwiches or the barbecue. Rue des Petites Fontaines, 22240 Fréhel, 02 96 41 50 25


Boucherie/Charcuterie/Bar Hénaff – Butcher shop and bar in one ! You may find it a strange combination, but it’s almost a Plurien landmark and Guy, the butcher, is quite the personality! Once you’ve stocked up on goodies for the barbecue, head through the door behind the counter into the bar where you need to taste the (in)famous « tue mouche » = the fly killer ! Place de l'Église, 22240 Plurien, 02 96 72 17 60


Alain Audineau – Mussel cultivator and oyster aqua-culturist. In the summer you can enjoy oysters or a seafood platter either prepared for you to take home, to the beach or simply to eat at their terrace on the Fresnaye Bay with a nice white wine. Personally, his oysters are my favorite, but do a taste test and decide for yourself which ones you prefer. Port à la Duc,


Nicolas Nonnet – Oyster aqua-culturist. Excellent oysters also – they have even won several awards. You can also get sea-food platters – ship, crab and spider crab, lobster – and jarred goods – such as fish soup, or fish rillettes (paté)… 15 Rue René Duguay Trouin, 22430 Erquy, 02 96 63 66 93


Côté Légumes – A pastoral landscape where you may buy organic vegetables – just like going to the market but with the convenience of being open everyday (except Sunday) from 9-12:30. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables but also other local products such as honey – and they are all organic! This is also one of our first stops when we go to Fréhel for the weekend or on vacation.  La Grande ville Es Mares, Erquy,


Délices du Cap – Bakery in Fréhel where we buy our baguettes « le grand siècle » after having bought our cold cuts at Michel Le Moine’s. Rue du Vieux Bourg, Fréhel,


La Cave d’Erquy – Now that you have all of these delicious local products, a lovely bottle of wine or cider should complete your meal !! Gaëtan has an excellent selection of wines (primarily organic or biodynamic) to choose from. Or if you prefer, he also has selected rums, whiskies and ciders. (Do I dare admit that this is also one of our main stops when stocking up upon our arrival in Fréhel ?!) 8 place du nouvel Oupeye, Erquy, 09 84 04 22 16

Where to go to have a Drink?

Le mini golf – It may not look like much from the outside, but once you’ve passed the threshold, you enter a vacation paradise for kids and parents. Hang out and have a drink with your feet in the sand listening to relaxing music while the kids (big or little) entertain themselves playing mini-golf. A sure hit! And if you get hungry? Yummy artisanal ice cream, crèpes and galettes, as well as beef or salmon burgers. Route du Cap Fréhel, 22240 Fréhel,


Les Merveilleuses – In the center of Sables d’Or, perfect for a drink, a snack-time crèpe or even huge ice creams. Great for a casual dinner of galettes, too. 7 Allée des Acacias, 22240 Fréhel,


Les Hamacs – As the name indicates, this bar/snack/restaurant has hamacs a bit everywhere in the yard. A very laidback atmosphere, kids love coming here. The outside tables are well exposed so even if the sun is having a hard time coming out or it’s a bit too windy on the beach, the garden is usually nice and warm. Right next to the outdoor tables is a giant sandbox for the younger children and a slack line for the older ones. (Word of warning – better for a drink than a meal; service can be very slow). Allée des Bungalows 22240 Sables d'Or Les Pins,


L’éclipse K’fé –  About as hip as you can get in Sables d’Or – great for a breton beer at night. 32, Allée Des Acacias, Sables D’Or Les Pins, 22240 Fréhel, 02 56 38 17 89

What to do/visit?

Bouquinerie Port à la Duc – A charming used-book store run by a delightful sales lady.


Cap Fréhel – A « must-visit ». Walk along the trails to enjoy the breathtaking view of the breton cliffs and Fort La Latte in the distance or visit the light house and count the number of stairs to the top.


Cap d’Erquy – Beautiful paths for walking or biking among the heath and pine trees leading to pristine beaches.


Fort la Latte – Medieval fort jetting out into the sea. Definitely worth paying the entrance fee – a guided tour comes with the cost. Amazing view from the top of the inner tower.


Erquy – A small fishing harbour with rose granite buildings only 5 minutes from Villa Bleu Breton by car.


St Cast le Guildo – Popular seaside resort. Restaurants, boutiques, bars… 16km from Villa Bleu Breton


Pléneuf Val André – Another popular seaside resort but what is really worth seeing is the adorable Dahuet harbour and the walking paths. 17km from Villa Bleu Breton


Cancale – Adorable fishing harbour famous for its oysters. Good restaurants and a little less touristy than St. Malo. 56km from Villa Bleu Breton


Dinard – Seaside resort famous for its villas of the « Belle Epoque » architecture and the annual British Film Festival held every August since 1990. 34km from Villa Bleu Breton.


Dinan – Charming fortified village offering lots of restaurants (Les Trois Lunes is one of my favorites!), bars, boutiques and handcrafted souvenirs. 39km from Villa Bleu Breton.


St Malo – The pirate town of St Malo is a renowned seaside resort. The fortified ramparts create the town’s unique silhouette. Walk along the ramparts, visit inside the walled-off town or take the kids to the aquarium! 41km from Villa Bleu Breton.


GR34 – only 200m out the front door and you are on the GR34, the coastal hiking path. You may simply want to stroll along the breathtaking cliffs and heath, go for your morning jog or perhaps even start a day-long hike.  


Golf des Sables d’Or – 18-hole golf course located just 500m from Villa Bleu Breton. Avenue du Golf, Fréhel,


Natation Cap Mer - Marie Samson, qualified instructor offers various aquatic activities on the beach of Sables d'Or les Pins: Aqua gym, Aqua running as well as exceptional sunset and sunrise sessions. Samson-marie@laposte.net, http://natationcapmer.weebly.com,


Kite Center22 – Kite surf school at Erquy and Sables d’Or. 07 83 33 57 95, http://kitecenter22.fr


Malicorn Surf – Surf lessons., http://www.malicorne-surf-association.fr/contact-menu.html


Histoire d’eau plongée – Scuba diving school offing initiation for adults and children, outings and lessons (all levels) as well as snorkeling excursions and free diving. Erquy, Rue du Port, Maison de la Mer, ou 06 81 50 65 24, contacts@histoiredeauplongee.com


BZH Wake Park – Ski tow on l’Etang de Lou in Dolo. Teenagers (and adults) who are into sliding sports love it!! http://bzhwakepark.com, bzhwakepark@gmail.com, 38km from Villa Bleu Breton


Ecole de voile de Fréhel – Located on the Sables d’Or beach, Fréhel sailing school provides sailing lessons, paddle board rentals, etc. http://www.voile.frehel.info, ecoledevoile.frehel@wanadoo.fr


St. Cast Aventure – Treetop adventure park with Zip lines accessible for children ages 3 and up. Ten different types of treetop obstacles courses. Le Bois Bras 22380 Saint-Cast-Le-Guildo, 06 82 90 64 78 / 02 96 80 55 55, contact@saintcast-aventure.com

Souvenirs and Gifts

Biscuiterie de la côte d’Emeraude – All sorts of breton souvenirs from the tacky to the classy ; biscuits (the « punchs » are my favorites and my family makes me bring them back to the US everytime I visit), kouign-amann, buckwheat flour, caramels, breton beers and other regional drinks ; earthenware, tablecloths…. Rue des Jeannettes, 22430 Erquy,


Débarcadère – More a home-decoration store for design knick-nacks but also cute gift ideas for children. Brandname products. 1 Rue du 19 Mars 1962, 22430 Erquy,


Côté plage - Pretty boutique of interior decoration ideas for the house. There are actually two boutiques in front of each other on opposite sides of the road. 3 et 12 bd Duponchel, 22830 Saint-Cast,

In case of an Emergency:

Doctors in Fréhel

  • Rue de la Grande Abbaye (next to the pharmacy) – Blancheteau, Christian. ou Larondelle, Gilles. 
  • Maday, Christian. Place de Chambly, 02 96 86 39 86

Physiotherapist – Desclos, Nathalie. Place Eglise, Fréhel,


Taxi – Avorek Taxi, 17 impasse du Tertre Gochaut, le Hameau de Resnel, Fréhel,


DentistCabinet Lermericer-Boitard, 28 Rue Notre Dame, 22430 Erquy,


Hairdresser for menLe salon des Sables, 6 Allée des Acacias, Sables d’or les Pins,


Hairdresser for womenSignature du Style à l’Elegance, 30 Rue de la Résistance, 22380 Saint-Cast-le-Guildo,

Enjoy Your Stay!!